NOTAM NameFlight Rules
NOTAM Creation Date2019-08-29
NOTAM Publish Date2019-08-29



  • Use of lights during the flight:

- Beacon: Before starting until the engines are cut;

- Navigation: Lights on before starting the taxi;

- Taxi: Light on after the pushback and / or before starting the taxi;

- Runway Turnoff: Lights on only during the taxi;

- Takeoff (Land): Switch on after alignment on the Runway and keep switched on until level FL100;

- Strobe: Lights on in night flights before taking off;

- Land: Lights on when crossing the FL100 in descent and keep on until the Runway is cleared.


  • In-flight obrigations

- Stay in the call room in TeamSpeak 3

- Check local weather, route and landing aerodrome before starting the flight


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- Use updated and correct aerodrome charts;

- Update the simulator AIRAC;

- First Officers will be in analysis until they complete the first 100 hours.


  • Standard flight procedures

- Before starting the flight, check the weather conditions, SimAcars and send the flight plan to the server;

- When starting the pushback and taxi, be careful with the traffic and the boundaries of the yard;

- At the waiting point, check the area (Base / Final, Runway and Circuit) and carry out the entire “before takeoff” checklist;

- Coordinate and proceed to your flight;

- Be very careful and attentive and perform only STANDARD procedures




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